Best WiFi hacker v4.0

What is a WIFI Hacker?

A wifi hacker is nothing else than a small program usually coded in a programming language like C#, C++, Java and many other. This type of program usually connects to all wireless networks that are available and tries to obtain their password using some advanced techniques. This is very helpful if you lost your WIFI password and want to find out what the password is but we have to admit it that many people use this type of software in order to connect to WIFI networks that are not owned by them but are in range.

Wifi Hacker v4.0

After months of development and hard work this amazing software is finally ready. It is a fast and reliable WIFI hacker that was coded in Visual Basic and it’s much faster and secure than any other wifi hackers that you can find. This program can find out ANY type of passwords in a matter of seconds either it is WEP, WPA, WPA2 and other.

How come this software is so fast compared to other wifi hackers?

If you are wondering why this software can obtain any WIFI Password in a matter of seconds while other softwares take hours to crack a simple password the answer is simple: we used top notch algorithms when we coded this software and we made sure that it will not take longer than 1 minute to crack any type of password.

How does it work?

The WiFi Hacker version v4.0  is very easy to use. You just have to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Scan available WIFI Networks (this usually takes less than 5 seconds)

2. Select the network you want to crack (it is recommended to select the network with the strongest signal if you want to enjoy a high speed connection)

3. Click on “Get Password” and wait a few seconds. After the password is decrypted it will show up under “Your Password”.

Well enough said. If you want to test this software out you can get it for FREE right now by downloading it from any download source that is still available below:

Direct Download CLICK HERE


Important: you can also get this program FOR FREE if you give us a like on Facebook below:

We have included a virustotal scan so you can see that this file contains no viruses or other malware that can harm your computer. To see the WiFi Hacker Virus Scan click the button below.


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